7 Email Newsletters *Actually* Worth Subscribing To

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No one likes an inbox full of emails that you don’t want, not sure when you signed up to and will never read.

I rule my inbox with a tyrannical fist, ever vigilant about not letting emails build up and an avid unsubscriber, but even post GDPR my inbox was overflowing with spam. Not cool.

In a bid to reclaim the curated inbox I had once honed I ruthlessly went through each email, casting those aside that didn’t add any value to my time precious day, and, following the guidance of decluttering guru Marie Kondo, that didn’t ‘spark joy’.

Here are 7 email newsletters (‘ezines’) that will keep you informed, entertained and that are definitely worth subscribing to.

1. MindBodyGreen

Is coconut oil pulling actually worthwhile? MindBodyGreen is on a mission to bust health myths and bring you the latest research on integrated medicine with accessible articles from accredited health and fitness professionals.

You’ll also find the buzziest health and wellness trends, superfood spiked recipes, and their ‘Things You Need To Know Today’ post is always worth a scan too.

2. The Brief Daily by SheerLuxe


Women’s lifestyle site SheerLuxe‘s newsletter is a definite contender for your inbox edit, but The Brief, a daily news briefing from the same people, will get you up to date in a flash on what’s happening in the world.

3. Glamour UK

Print is sadly dying (or at least have to radically adapt their offering) and women’s magazine Glamour has accepted that fact.

The publication is now channeling the bulk of their efforts into digital, stopping its monthly editions and instead producing a “collectible, glossy” issue twice a year.

Their daily newsletter reflects this “digital first” approach and is packed with a mix of smart (and sometimes gorgeously silly) takes on fashion, celebrity beauty and culture.

4. The Newsette

As their moniker suggests, The Newsette places a lot of emphasis on their newsletter.

Each day they send a perfectly formed newsletter with a ‘things to do today’ suggestion, three ‘things to know,’ a selection of posts from their favourite Instagram accounts, plus a mini interview usually documenting an inspiring woman’s daily routine or how she got her job.

5. Well+Good

Well+Good is full of healthy life hacks and inspiration, from the natural beauty products worth spending money and the foods that will enhance your sex life, to the most inspiring women on Instagram and how to ask for that promotion at work.

6. Welltodo

If you’re like me and are passionate about all things health, fitness, nutrition and natural beauty to the degree that you want to build a career in this space, then you too will geek out on the industry insights that the Welltodo newsletter unveils.

From the latest innovations to the big investments within this multi-trillion dollar market the newsletter includes a round up of features from their own site as well as the best from other platforms.

Plus their jobs board also showcases the latest opportunities in the wellness sector across the globe (usually London and the States).

7. The Goods by Vox

The Goods by Vox is newer section on Vox Media’s news brand, Vox. The Goods delivers a fresh take on the thing we spend most of our time and money on; fashion, technology, beauty, food, and design trends. Put simply it explains what we buy, why we buy it, and why it matters.

From ‘How banning plastic straws became the trendiest form of consumer environmentalism’ to ‘How the Tinder algorithm actually works’ the essays and features are smart and fun. Plus to ‘More good stuff to read today’ section at the end of the page shares other articles from across Vox worth your reading time.

Is there a newsletter that I haven’t mentioned that you love opening up? Let me know!


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  1. August 27, 2018 / 2:49 pm

    Loved this Erica!! Already subscribe to a few of these but I will subscribe to othere now they look so interesting!