Best Yoga Studios in Dublin: 2019 Updated Guide

Best Yoga Studios in Dublin: 2019 Updated Guide

It’s 2019 and there’s a flourishing number of yoga studios in Dublin. But while the yoga is increasingly popular on our shores, let’s take a minute for the time and space it’s traversed to make it here; from the ancient Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5,000 years ago, to be exact.

In that time the original discipline has split and spread, been broken down and built back up, in countless different ways. Yogas interpretation and introduction to the West by ‘gurus’ has seen it develop into primarily a posture (known as asana) based physical exercise, stress-relief and relaxation practice.

In Dublin it has been embraced in many different forms wholeheartedly by a blossoming community of yogis. Gone are the days where it was associated with hemp wearing, implausibly flexible hippies. Now, heading to a yoga class during your lunch break is as common as popping out for a coffee to break up the working day.

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If you’re one of those people who think ‘I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible enough’, I counter with ‘if you can breathe, you can do yoga’. Unlike a traditional exercise class, yoga focuses on the union of body and mind and that connection is facilitated through the often overlooked but extraordinarily powerful medium of the breath.

Simply trying to focus on the breath for the duration of the class eases you into a meditative state, and if you can link it to your movement then all the better; that’s the practice.

In regards to that lingering ‘hippie’ association, yoga studios in Dublin are a striking example of how people of all fitness levels, genders and backgrounds are welcome and distinctly present.

Listed below are 12 of my favourite yoga studios in Dublin, including some just recently opened in 2019, where you can start, reignite or enhance your yoga journey.

1. YogaHub

When I speak of the democratization and accessibility of yoga in the introduction, there’s no studio where this is better demonstrated than YogaHub. YogaHub’s tagline touts them as ‘the friendliest classes in Dublin’ and I couldn’t describe the atmosphere better. With a growing number of studios across the city, 5 at my last count, YogaHub offers classes for all levels at great value. They also have a consistent line-up of weekend workshops, which are often taught by visiting international teachers. So whether you’re looking to start your practice or take it to the next level I couldn’t recommend YogaHub more.

MOONS yoga loft - yoga studios in Dublin ericabracken

2. MOONSyoga Studio

If there’s such a thing as a ‘yoga hug’ taking a class MOONSyoga studio in Blackrock makes you feel like you’ve been wrapped up in the most luxurious of duvets. At this cosy, light-filled nook of a studio, nestled above Fable + Stey cafe, owner Sinead and her collective of like-minded yoga teachers treat you to mindful movement and meditation classes that nourish the soul and the body in equal measures. The early 6.30am classes are a rarity in Dublin, but a God send for early birds, though there’s nothing more indulgent than a mid-morning class at Moons, followed by brunch at the cafe downstairs and a dip in the nearby Forty Foot afterwards afterwards. Lush.

3. Reformation

Two of Dublin’s leading yoga and Pilates teachers, Annie Kirwan and Lee Tracey came together in 2019 to bring to life one of the newest yoga studios in Dublin; Reformation, a stylish, swoonworthy wellbeing hub that offers yoga, Pilates and ‘sweat’ classes all under one roof. The high ceiling-ed, bright yoga room with it’s wooden beams swaddled in ivy, is an inspiring space to practice. Take a class with lead teacher and co-owner Lee, who’s reputation proceeds her, or another one of the passionate team, and get ready to stretch and smile.

little bird - yoga studios in dublin - ericabracken

4. Little Bird

If for you coffee and yoga is the perfect duo to invigorate your day, then a trip to Little Bird on on South Circular Road is a must. Little Bird is a cafe with a purpose built, light drenched yoga studio attached. Some of Dublin’s leading yoga teachers are regulars on a timetable that offers Mysore practice, as well as more typical styles like Vinyasa and Restorative. As well as the benefits of a delicious brunch within tripping distance, many of the classes are an indulgent 90 minutes – so a decent Savasana is guaranteed.

Samadhi Yoga Dublin - yoga studios in Dubin -ericabracken

5. Samadhi

The term Samadhi in sanskrit means a state of transcendent oneness achieved through meditation, regarded as the final stage assumed by a yogi at their death. But don’t worry, at Samadhi yoga studio in Dublin you aren’t expected to achieve nirvana anytime soon, however just stepping in off the bustling streets of Templebar and into this haven of calm will offer an immediate hit of serenity. Taking a more traditonal approach than other yoga studios in Dublin, Samadhi’s experienced teachers will guide you through Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, Kundalini, Prenatal, Sivananda, and Vinyasa yoga styles.

The-Space-Between-studio image by Agata Stoinska

6. The Space Between

The Space Between is without doubt one of the most beautiful yoga studios in Dublin. With every detail of its design was consciously considered The Space Between is much more than a yoga and meditation studio however; it’s a tea shop, a gallery, a place to meet new people and so much more. Playing with the notion of opposites, their two stunning yoga rooms, gorgeously titled ‘Here’ and ‘Now’, are individually distinctive; ‘Here’ is white, bright and airy, ‘Now’ is painted black, atmospheric and heated. Other unique quirks include an outdoor cold shower, swanky changing rooms and utterly-lovable house dog, Alfie – and your own pooch is entirely welcome too.

Project Revive - yoga studios Dublin - ericabracken

7. Project Revive

Set off the main thoroughfare in the dynamic neighborhood of Ranelagh, Project Revive offers vinyasa, hot, kids, mum and baby as well as ‘bro flow’ yoga classes. Feeling stiff, fatigued or stressed? You can trust owner Hayley Killen and her team to guide you through an alignment based flow that will leave you feeling invigorated. Keep an eye out for their fun and fresh events calendar too, that see’s Project Revive often partner with other venues and interests – Prosecco may very well be involved…

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8. Yoga Dublin

With studios in Ranelagh and Dundrum and a dedicated hot studio in Rathmines, Yoga Dublin has a reputation for delivering a high quality standard of yoga in a diverse range of styles, with levels that will suit the beginner as well as the advanced yogi. Helping to bring you as close as possible to total well-being, you can also complement your yoga practice with therapies such as deep tissue massage, Reiki and acupuncture.

the elbowroom yoga studios in dublin - ericabracken

9. The elbowroom

On the north side of the city, in the heart of Smithfield, The elbowroom offers a suite of other complimentary services alongside yoga that truly makes it a wellbeing hub. These include Pilates, Zumba, and fitness classes, as well as a physical therapy and reflexology clinic. Long settled in the community, The elbowroom is a welcoming, family-friendly studio for yogis of all ages and capabilities, and specialises in pregnancy yoga and yoga for babies. You can never start too soon!

yoga kitchen yoga studios in Dublin - ericabracken

10. Yoga Kitchen

Located above the renowned Two Pups cafe, at Yoga Kitchen your can cook yourself up a brilliant few hours; nourishing your soul upstairs with a lush yoga class and body downstairs with a veg-focused plate of goodness. As well as morning, lunch time and evening yoga classes, keep an eye out for courses in female self-care, mindful living and yoga for teens.

Lou Horgan Fumbally studios in Dublin - ericabracken

11. The Fumbally Stables

The Fumbally Stables might have a less populated timetable than other yoga studios in Dublin but it’s quality over quantity here. In fact they don’t even brand themselves as a yoga ‘studio’ per se, but have one of the nicest ‘yoga rooms’, and offer a handful of fantastic yoga and meditation classes throughout the week. On the 4th Sunday of each month they partner with their sister cafe next door for a Yoga + Lunch, the perfect way to connect with a community of like minded yogis.

hot pod yoga dublin - yoga studios in Dublin ericabracken

12. HotPod Yoga

One of the leading hot yoga studios in Dublin, the HotPod Yoga franchise was brought to the city by experienced teacher Julie Burke, a.k.a @julieByoga. The inflatable heated pod has currently been deflated as they look for a skiny new premises but people who swear by hot yoga aficionados swear by Julie and her brand’s brand of heated movement are eagerly awaiting the big reveal. Stay tuned.

13. Groundstate

Another new addition to the Dublin yoga scene and another yoga studio housed within a coffee shop. Groundstate yoga comes to life however when the barista’s clock off, with classes each evening. Most interestingly co-owner and yoga teacher Mark leads a class on Wednesday named ‘Body, Breath and Mind’; mixing what he has learned from some of his yoga teachers, love of dance music and body movement. A curious and curated mix that will build energy, strength and flexibility, all the while staying relaxed and getting you into a very meditative head space.


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